Special interview with Paul Norris and Sylvain Reynard – 2017

Dear Gabriel Angels,

The Gabriel Series Fan Podcast had the great honor to chat with Sylvain Reynard and Paul Norris in the chatroom of our Podcast on Saturday, February 18th.

We want to say “Thank you” to Sylvain Reynard for his participation and for letting us interact with our dear Paul. It’s not a secret that we love Paul so much and we wish to repeat this experience soon.

You can follow us & listen to our special party here: The Gabriel Series Fan Podcast – Showreel and you also can follow us on Twitter: @GabrielSeriesFP, for more information.


We hope you enjoy the interviews.

  • Paul Norris:

What inspired you to study Dante?

Paul: I got interested in Dante when I was an undergrad in college. I did a semester abroad program in Italy and decided I wanted to study Dante in grad school.

If you could spend the day with Dante, Beatrice or Virgil, who would you spend the day with and why? What would you do and where would you go?

Paul: I’ve devoted a lot of my time to studying Dante. Although it would be great to meet him, I’d rather meet Beatrice. I’d like to walk with her in Florence and listen to her talk.

How were you introduced to rugby?

Paul: I played ruby in high school and also as an undergrad.

I’ve noticed you flex your muscles a bit. I think it’s adorable, but do you only do that when Julia is around?

Paul: Hey, a guy has to keep in shape.

The Boss, told us you like reading Superman comic books, who can you relate to more, Clark, Superman, or Jimmy?

Paul: Superman, absolutely.

Is there anything you admire from Professor Emerson?

Paul: He’s a good professor when he isn’t being a jerk.

Can you tell us, what is your routine when you are in the Farm? What is the thing you love the most when you are there?

Paul: I like being outside in the summer. Our farm is really pretty. The rolling hills of Vermont are peaceful. I think everyone should come and visit.

What do you do in your free time?

Paul: I’ve gotten interested in wood carving.

  • Sylvain Reynard:

Was it hard writing for Paul? Was the Professor jealous?

SR: Paul is a good man. The Professor is a good man, too. But good people don’t always agree and they don’t always get along.

Paul loves rugby, how about you? Are you a fan?

SR: I am.

If you could spend the day with Virgil and Paul, what would you do with them?

SR: We’d probably sit in a Piazza in Florence, have a drink, and watch the world go by.

You’re working on a new novel with a Brazilian character. Do you have any favorite words or phrases in Portuguese?

SR: ‘Saudade’ is a favourite. And several of my readers seem to like the word “fofo.”

Now that we know the name of the female character, are you going to tell us the name of the male character, soon?

SR: Yes. His name is Nicholas.

After the last answer, a lot of readers named the combination between Acacia & Nicholas – #Nicacia ..lovely, isn’t it? We can’t wait for the new book #TMitBS.

Thank you for reading our interviews.

B&P ~ The Gabriel Series Fan Podcast.

February 19th, 2017.

Perling LG.


6 thoughts on “Special interview with Paul Norris and Sylvain Reynard – 2017

  1. Katherine

    Another great interview with Sylvain Reynard and Paul. Thanks Perling LG. for sharing. Really looking forward to #TMitBS and meeting Acacia and Nicholas later in the year.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Katherine. I’m glad that you liked it. We were so happy because we love Paul so much and this interview was something that we wanted to do long time ago. Can’t wait for Sylvain’s new book. Thank you for stopping by. -Perling LG.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. MILLYMarie

    This people come to life thru you. They become real people.we get to love and fill for them like they are your family. Thank you SR for letting us live a different life thru your story . WE GIVE LIFE TO THIS PEOPLE IN OUR HEAD. Weall put a face to the character.like Gabriel (David Gandy),Thank you.


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