The Gabriel Series by Sylvain Reynard

Hello Book Lover:

In this special occasion I have the honor to comment you about the Book Star:

“The Gabriel Series” written by Sylvain Reynard.


One of the best Trilogy that I’ve read is The Gabriel Series (Gabriel’s Inferno, Gabriel’s Rapture and Gabriel’s Redemption) written by the one and only Sylvain Reynard.

This is a beautiful and passionate story between Julia H. Mitchell and Gabriel O. Emerson, but also there are a lot of stories that will catch your attention, even in characters that don’t appear constantly. You’ll learn about art and history. One thing that I admire so much of Sylvain Reynard is the way he puts together a lot of examples from different stories related to art and you can see it in the way he uses the story of Dante and Beatrice like a mirror of Gabriel and Julia. Another thing that I admire of his writing is the way he makes you do some research about things that he included in the storyline like music, authors, places, events and paintings, so, you’ll definetely learn from him.

This Trilogy has erotism too but not the explicit sexual acts. Sylvain Reynard plays with seduction and lust, and gives you a lot of things to think after you read the sensual scenes. They are very well written.

About Gabriel’s Inferno: I have to say a word to explain it – Feelings – this book is so provocative. Gabriel is a Master of Seduction, you can’t resist him. SR builts the climax of your reading, chapter by chapter, until the explosive end of the book.

About Gabriel’s Rapture: I must say that it’s my favorite book (but I love the whole series) and I have an expression for this book – Roller Coaster – because “Oh my God” there are so many events and things you’ll learn that you will need time to breathe deeply after reading them.

About Gabriel’s Redemption: This is a sentimental book. When you love the fictional characters of one book, you always want good endings for them, but according to real life, some happy endings aren’t possible. The best part of Sylvain Reynard’s writing is that, in all the books, there is hope and endless possibilities. That’s what I love about this final book.

I can’t forget to say something about a special character: Paul V. Norris. I think that in real life I want a boyfriend like Paul. He is so mature and a gentlemen. He is such a nice guy, intelligent and handsome. He is protective of women and a great guide just like Virgil. And the only thing that I wanted for him was a happy ending because he deserved it. One day, Sylvain Reynard said that maybe someday he might give Paul his own story, you can read it here (Our interview with Sylvain Reynard – 2016) and I hope he’ll does it, because Paul needs happiness in his life. And Betty & I think that he could be naughty too (oh well, giggles).

Doing the Gabriel Series Fan Podcast we read the story with more details and we enjoy much more every chapter of the books. We have so much fun and I can’t imagine another book for our first podcast project. We started the podcast with the right and perfect Trilogy, without a doubt. I want to say “Thank you” to all the followers and friends that support us through @GabrielSeriesFP.

I don’t want to finish this special review without sharing some opinions from another fans of the Gabriel Series. Enjoy:

Betty: The Gabriel Series is smart, with a big heart and lots of wisdom. It’s magical.

BAE: The trilogy is a slow and addictive seduction from start to finish that leaves you wanting more.

Susie: The books in the Gabriel Series are the most beautiful, flawlessly written books I have ever read, and will continue to re-read them over and over again. SR is a genius!

Monica Sofia: Two broken souls that meet and find in each other, love and forgiveness, they are their sticky little leaves. Mesmerizingly beautiful, written quite simply, sublime.

Karen: The Gabriel Series is Transcendent!

Lily: The Gabriel Series is a rollercoaster of emotions that you never want to end! Life changing, must read!.

Anna-Alizette: I think what makes the Gabriel Series so special is that you are welcomed into a community who shares the same love of the Gabriel series. It really feels like another night out with the girls.

Thassia: Reading GI Series isn’t just reading about a love story but believing that if we have broken souls we can hope for redemption.

Samia: An amazing life changing journey.

NoNe: The Gabriel Series – So well written, I keep going back to it.

SR Fans South Africa: The Gabriel Series by Sylvain Reynard is a love story of two very different people who bring their love, compassion, kindness & trust for each other together beautifully.

Pam: The Gabriel Series is a beautiful love story, about love, hope, redemption, to be read and reread.

Kez: Once you’ve read this amazing story of love, growth, mercy and redemption, Professor Gabriel Emerson will soon become your apple a day!

Dana: This series was an important read for me because it taught me about love and redemption, and it helped to heal my heart during a very difficult time in my life, and I’ll be grateful for that and to SR always.

Argyle Empire – Mango: I love The Gabriel Series because the books are so much more than a love story; they have lessons about life, family, courage, faith and of course, redemption – things that affect all of us in every walk of life.

Argyle Empire – Iris~Elli: I love the well rounded dichotomies of the series, Gabriel’s darkness which really translates to how deeply he feels and his capacity for loving Julia so throughly. Julia the rabbit or kitten that can also turn into the Monty Python rabbit. The Holy Grail or fierce tiger. She was never weak or frail. Redemption, love and charity is what the series truly comes down to.

SR Fans Brazil: Books that fill every aspect of our lives and nourish our soul, mind, spirit, intellect and heart with beauty and a literary style of a true work of art.

Ana – Maria: A true love story between two amazing people. Their love it’s mature and strong and they could beat any relationship issue. I admire them so much, I dream to have such a relationship like they have 😍. Sylvain Reynard is a great author, he made us to fall in love with those characters and he is for sure a wise human giving us so many wonderful quotes about love and life.

Colibri: The trilogy is a hymn of love. A romantic story that exalts pure love and the woman, in all its forms, through the ideal of Dante and Beatrice. An unforgettable series that everyone should read.

Elena M: I adored this story more than I can say. SR is a gifted writer and has a way of making every character come to life. I became addicted to his style of writing. His story is filled with unforgettable lines and emotion that draw the reader into the story you never want to end. I laughed, I cried and fell in love with Professor Gabriel O. Emerson. I lost count of the times I listen to the series narrated by the late John Michael Morgan. ❤

Cindy: Sylvain Reynard’s The Gabriel Series… It’s so hard to put into words what this beautiful series evokes in me. A beautiful love story that tugs at your heart strings, exposes you to amazing art and architecture and leaves you feeling breathless.

SR Fans Paraguay : La Trilogía Gabriel es una historia de amor muy tierna y romántica. Es única en su género y con una narrativa impecable.

SR Fans Spain: La Trilogía de Gabriel no es una mera novela romántica, es una novela de amor elevado a la categoría de arte, de refinado erotismo con escenarios llenos de libros, musica, arte, cultura y sensualidad. Es una historia que habla de sexo, pero también de amistad, amor, fidelidad, fe, esperanza, compasión, redención ,de la capacidad de perdonar y de la pasión mas arrolladora. Rica en personajes complejos, profundos, sensibles, sensuales y sexuales. Un carrusel emocional desde la primera hasta la ultima hoja.

Karla: Lo que más me gustó es que a pesar de ser un libro erótico,el sexo tiene gran parte pero no es lo más importante para la historia, hay mucho más de fondo, Sylvain expresa sentimientos muy complejos como el perdón y lo hace de diferentes maneras, hacia uno mismo, hacia otros, hacia la familia; además también expresa la culpa, el remordimiento y finalmente el amor en esa forma tan única y artística y poética que va de la mano con La Divina Comedia.

Angela: La Trilogía de Gabriel es la más romántica y apasionada que he leído. SR en esta obra entrelaza magistralmente el amor, la pasión y el dolor. A través de la historia experimentamos todos esos sentimientos. Además, SR habitualmente nos introduce en el mundo del arte y de la historia. Otro aspecto muy interesante son los momentos graciosos o divertidos, que con solo pocas palabras SR nos hace reír. Para resumir, en pocas palabras, es excelente, está en la cúspide de mi escala de valoración (y me considero una lectora exigente). La recomiendo, la he leído 3 veces y felicito a Sylvain Reynard.

Thank you to all the fans/friends who sent me their thoughts about the Gabriel Series. I really appreciate it.

I’ll keep saying this, Sylvain Reynard has a gift for writing. God blessed him and puts him in our path.

Thank you for your writing, Boss!

~Perling LG.

September 3, 2016.


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