The Florentine Series by Sylvain Reynard

Hello Book Lover:

On this special occasion I have the honor of sharing my opinion about the Book Star:

“The Florentine Series” written by Sylvain Reynard.


I was thinking about the perfect way to begin this review and after many options I decided to start with the words that I’ve used near the end of The Gabriel Series‘ review.

“I’ll keep saying this, Sylvain Reynard has a gift for writing. God blessed him and put him in our path.”

I admire his writing because of the way he makes you research things that he includes in the storyline like music, authors, places, events and paintings, so, you’ll definitely learn from him. Particularly, I enjoy the stories with mystery, the stories that make me think, investigate and create theories about the events within the storylines, and The Florentine Series is the kind of story that makes me pay attention to some details for the next revelations. Sylvain Reynard really knows how to keep us entertained.

After The Gabriel Series, I was heartbroken because I wanted to read more about Gabriel and Julia. Then, SR gave us another chance to keep reading them in The Florentine Series. I’m really amazed by the way SR built the drama, the action and the mystery of the storyline from the beginning of The Florentine Series (using information from Gabriel’s Inferno Series), a clever combination – I must say.

The Florentine Series has a mysterious and sexy main character. He appeared for the first time in Gabriel’s Redemption and he talked to Gabriel and Julia. He wanted the Boticelli’s illustrations about Dante’s Divine Comedy that Gabriel had in his possession. And if you haven’t read the Florentine Series yet, I’ll stop here because I don’t want to give you spoilers.

Like The Gabriel Series, this series has eroticism too and it has a special and new way to enjoy the climax of every sexual act in the story – something about necks and teeth and sucks and…-ahem-…sorry, let’s continue with the review (winky face). Sylvain Reynard plays with seduction and lust in all the sensual scenes. They are very well written.

Sylvain Reynard began the-prince-by-sylvain-reynardhis new and amazing story with The Prince and Florence’s underworld. This novella is the best connection between Gabriel Series and Florentine Series. The Prince is an amazing secuency of events that make you more and more and more interested in the storyline and in which SR shows us the incredible and paranormal world that you can’t let go as you read. He presents us to The Prince of Florence and his personality, and also, some of the members of this underworld that are under his rule. I didn’t know about the term “Prequel” and because of this novella, now I know. By that time, the first thing that I thought when I learned about the new SR’s book was: “Dante, Beatrice, Gabriel, Julianne and The Prince are in Florence, together – this combination is interesting”. And you know what? It was really interesting.

The Raven is the next book and as always, Sylvain Reynard captured my attention. He introduces us to Raven Wood. She is a normal and natural woman as you or me, and William York (The Prince) sees her as the most perfect woman in the world. He compares her with the beauty of the Renaissance art. Who wouldn’t fall in love wthe-raven-by-sylvain-reynardith him after that? I really enjoyed this book because I liked to read something different but also awesome from Sylvain. I’ve read a few books or watch some TV Series about vampires and this story is one of the best I’ve known. Plus, you learn about Raven’s childhood and that story can touch you deeply while you see how William starts falling in love with her in the most intoxicating but wonderful way that only The Prince can do. My favorite expressions are “My Lord” and “Cassita vulneratus”.

Then, SR tells us that a shadow has fallen over the city of Florence and Raven & William’s love can be stronger with every second of their lives. Plus, Florence is becoming in the center of interest for some members of the underworld and they want to fight against The Prince to take control of his city. I loved how SR put together strategies and built the whole conspiracy. Intigue is the word for this book, in my humble opinion.

The Shadow made me stay awake until past midnight when I was reading it (I love the books that have that effect on me). Believe it or not, I laughed a couple of times while I was reading (I sighed too, William is really tender and intense, at the same time – I love him). In my humbthe-shadowle opinion, I think that Sylvain Reynard felt more confident with his characters and we were able to appreciate that in this book – not that we haven’t noticed it in the previous books – I’m just saying that he knew them much more at this point. With this book, I had questions and I hoped to get my answers in the final book and some of them were answered (winky face). I don’t know what is the special thing of the second books of every trilogy I’ve read, but they are always my favorite books. The Shadow is the one I love more but it’s really hard to choose because I love the whole series.

Finally, I had the chance to read The Roman (and I want to give Nina Bocci a special “Thank you” because she is awesome). I really wanted to read The Roman because I needed to know what would happen with William and Raven, especially because William is a vampire and Raven is human, that’s always a complication in these kind of stories. I admire how they fight over and over and over again, against every obstacle with the purpose to remain together. The whole book is a really suspense and anguish. I have to say that I was nervous while I was reading the book and in every chapter I didn’t know what to expect. I really love when an author makes you feel the story so deeply in you head and body and also the feeling of love, hate, compassion and reflection that the characters feel, as well. I assure you that you will feel all these feelings with The Roman,theroman especially in Chapter 54. Believe me!

After that chapter, I was confused by the next events. I was lost and trying to accept the facts but at the end I was amazed with the finale that Sylvain Reynard gave to William and Raven, although I was expecting another end for the story, considering that I’ve read and watched vampire stories and they always have the “same” type of resolutions. But I must say that he pleasantly surprised me (as always) with his imagination and the way he writes the finale of his books.

Now, we have to say Goodbye to amazing characters and I’m really bad at it (sighs). I’m heartbroken with The Florentine Series because I will miss reading about The Prince and his lark. But it was a great pleasure that we had the chance to read about our favorite family – The Emersons in this book, and I have to tell you that I enjoyed how they were embracing the continuity of their lives as family.

I felt like something was missing in this review, that’s why I went directly to the creator of this amazing Series and I asked him a few questions. Enjoy.

SR: Dear Perling,

      Thanks for your questions …

– What do (or did) you feel after you said Goodbye to William and Raven? Sad? Happy? Both?
SR: I had a similar feeling to how I felt when I finished Gabriel’s Redemption. I was happy with the novel but I was sad to say goodbye to the characters.  But in many ways, I feel as if the characters are always with me. Whenever I want, I can conjure them up to tweet or chat, or I can pen an outtake or another book. It’s very comforting.
– Will we hear more about them in the future, as we did with The Emersons?
SR: I think so. I don’t know when and I can’t promise. But I had in mind that I would likely do another novel or two in The Flortentine Series that would explore some of the other characters.  I have in mind to do another book about The Emersons at some point.
– Few days ago, you said The Professor hopes we won’t forget him. In your opinion, what do you want (or expect) your readers remember about The Florentine Series?
SR: The story was about hope, and justice, and love. I hope readers remember these things about the story.
– Anything else you want to share with “Once Upon a Book Star” blog?
SR: I want to thank you for reading and I want to thank the other readers for reading too. I am grateful for your support as we went on this journey through the Underworld. If you enjoyed the series, I hope you’ll tell family and friends about them. Thank you, SR.

Like you read, we can keep dreaming about what is coming next from Sylvain Reynard. It’ll always be a pleasure to read his stories.

Thank you for your writing, Boss!

~Perling LG.

December, 2016.


6 thoughts on “The Florentine Series by Sylvain Reynard

  1. NoNe

    The author, affectionately known as ‘SR’, didn’t disappoint. The story moved at a fast pace, drawing me into the continuing story of William the Vampyre Prince of Florence, and his beautiful human love, ‘Cassita’ Raven. I am mindful of spoilers, but the twists and surprises are what sets their story apart from any other romance. I didn’t want this book to end, so halfway through, I went back to the beginning. I couldn’t have wished for anything better than the surprise ending. It was amazing, heart warming and such an expression of enduring love. Yes, I’m a sucker for romance, but this story is so well written. SR is in a class of his own, bringing art, culture & history to life. If I have any regrets, it’s that the story ended. Who knows, maybe William & Raven will show up again sometime, and maybe with a little increase in their family ;).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Saludos, Perling comparto tu opinión sobre SR, es un escritor excelente y muy hábil con las tramas, no he leído completa la Serie Florentino, pero si la Serie de Gabriel, espero ponerme al día con lectura.


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