Our interview with Sylvain Reynard – 2016

pgJWV3DeHello Gabriel’s angels:

We want to share an interview that we did to Sylvain Reynard (aka Our Boss) for the celebration of our 1 year anniversary doing The Gabriel Series Fan Podcast (March 8, 2016). We read it during our podcast’s celebration but now we are able to post it. We hope you enjoy it.

Perling’s questions:

1) Can you share with us your beginnings as a writer? Is that something you always wanted to be?

SR: Hello Ladies. I wanted to thank you for inviting me to join you and the listeners. I also wanted to thank you both for all the hard work you do week after week bringing these podcasts to readers. I know we all really appreciate it.

I began writing at a young age but it was always something I viewed as a hobby.

2) Your writing advices are very useful for me. But when I have a problem that I don’t know how to resolve within the storyline is a hard moment for me and I try to take a break and clear my mind and then I come back to my writing. Can you tell us if that happens to you? And if so, what do you do when you have that kind of problems in your stories?

SR: I’ve written a couple of posts about this on my blog. But I agree, sometimes you have to take a break. I suggest having sex.

3) I think and I’m telling you this on behalf of all your fans, that you’re an amazing writer, and I want to know, why did you choose to write about “erotic” and not about other subject?

SR: I like to explore themes of human nature, redemption, forgiveness, sex and love in my writing. Love is a powerful force and it contributes a great deal of happiness and beauty to the world. 

4) If you have to choose another city for your future books, which one would you choose and why?

SR: Paris, because it’s beautiful and because I’m interested in French history and culture. But also the incredible city of Prague, for similar reasons.

5) Twitter is an amazing way to connect with authors. If you could connect with a writer from the past, before there was Twitter, who would it be?

SR: I would have liked to have met Dostoyevsky. I find his work fascinating. 

6) What can you say about being the only writer (at least, that we know of) who has 4 podcast about your amazing books in different languages? Did you want to have a podcast for them or it was something fortuitous?

SR: I’m new to podcasts but they are incredible vehicles for information and discussion. I’m really grateful that you and the other readers agreed to do podcasts when I suggested it because I really think they needed to be recorded by readers for readers.

7) What do you think about Paul building a fandom? Everyone loves Gabriel (obvious fact) but with our Podcast, you know, Paul is mentioned all the time, specially by Betty… 😉 …

SR: I’ve thought about giving Paul his own novel. Maybe someday …


Betty’s questions:

1) What were your favorite chapters from Gabriel’s Inferno and Rapture? And why?

SR: It’s difficult to choose but I enjoy the chapter in Gabriel’s Inferno when Gabriel and Julia spar in the seminar. I also enjoy the chapters in Florence.

In Rapture, I really enjoyed the closing chapters of the novel and Gabriel’s description of his time in Assisi.

2) If you could spend the day with any character from the Gabriel Series, who would it be? Why? And what would you do?

SR: I’d like to take Katherine Picton to dinner. She’s incredible.

3) Do you have any anecdotes you can share with us that occurred while you were writing the Gabriel Series?

SR: As time went on, readers sent me edits, paintings, drawings, musical compositions, trailers and videos, play lists and even discussed art installations and dance.  In many ways I think the beauty of these creations and the beauty of the community that my readers from around the world created for themselves far outstripped anything that I wrote. And I’m proud to be connected with those creations.

Thank you Sylvain for sharing with us a little of your time, we know you are busy. You inspire us day after day after day.

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Interview: March, 2016

Posted: August, 2016