Constellation by Jennifer Locklear

Hello Book Lover:

In this special occasion I have the honor of sharing my comments about this Book Star:

“Constellation”, a novel written by Jennifer Locklear.


I want to start my review with this:

She’s intelligent, beautiful, and emotionally numb.

He’s older, sophisticated, and harboring secrets.

Reading this novel was something amazing to do, not only because I know Jennifer (who I consider an online friend) but because her words came in at a moment of my life in which I needed something to help me relax a little bit. I enjoyed reading about Jack and Kathleen because their romance and lives can be as real as the ones of a normal person. Their love story can grow up on you so easily and you will fall in love with them and their confessions. They build mutual trust and a big event happens in their lives that tests their union. But my dear Jennifer knows how to keep us waiting and the grace of her writing makes you feel the same that her main characters are feeling. Plus, she shows you how certain family dynamics works and makes you think about how are yours in your own life.

Personally, one of the things that caught my attention since the beginning was this statement: “He’s older, sophisticated, and harboring secrets.”. My curiosity is bigger than me and I needed to know how old was Jack – I found out (winky face) and that put a wide smile on my face. Jack will surprise you with his actions, for a grown up man, his behavior is really appealing and when you think he is going to act in a certain way – BOOM! – he is surprising you somehow.


I was always waiting for the climax of the story and I was delighted to see that the whole story is the climax. Every chapter has something amazing that makes you think about the previous chapters or about what will happen in the next ones.

I have to say that I like Kathleen’s personality, she is really patient and very considerate related to Jack’s life. Sometimes, I was thinking what would I do if I were Kathleen in some particular moments of the story and then Kathleen was teaching me a lesson. I really enjoy her.

The end of Constellation has a twist that will leave you wanting to know more, but don’t worry. This amazing story will continued…, so, let’s wait for more…(I know it won’t be easy).

To all who are reading it: Happy Reading! – If you already read it: It’s amazing, isn’t it?!

Thank you for reading my humble review.


October, 2016


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